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Travel Clips - Sydney and Melbourne

Do you want to travel around the world?  I do, but not all of us have the privilege of time to do so. Time is precious and like my sister who teaches, she made it a point to travel as much as she could during school break. That's when I got this grand idea of putting some of her travel clips into the blog.  While writing about it, it makes me feel like I am travelling with her as well.  Let's go!

MELBOURNE, Capital city of Victoria~ lovely!

ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL   Don't forget to check out the Laneway near the Nicholas Building!
The sky is always blue ... Bondi Beach ... SYDNEY, Woo Hooo! Highly recommend sitting at one of the restaurants by the Bondi, order a dozen or two of oysters with a bottle of icy white and enjoy the breeze and air there.
                            Life is good in the sun!                                    

BIRDCAGE PUBLIC ART IN SYDNEY Surrealistic and fun! Happy travel, sister!  

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