Chalk Board Art is Awesome!

Where and when did this art form became popular?  You see them everywhere around the world. Sidewalk chalk drawings on the streets of Sydney, train stations, restaurant signs, poster boards, children drawing on the driveways! It is simply fun!

Pavement artists (also known as "screevers"), are dated back in the 18th century all over Britain.  These artists often paint the streets with their own messages, poems, illustrations, and ideas on the pavements in order for passers-by to see what they intend to convey to the world.

This became a popular art form. Italy host festivals for this activity and encourage artists to express themselves.  You can see people create awesome painting in the streets of New York, at street painting festivals all over the United States.  The idea of being able to express yourselves wherever you are, using chalk to tell your story is very gratifying to the artists.

Creative Girlfriends recently hosted a Chalk board Art activity at the Happiest Hour in Dallas.  It was great fun hanging out in the covered patio, enjoying the cool breeze, great wine, and creativity together.

  Join us for some fun!   


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