Origami Party

Remember as a child, sitting with friends and sharing ways to fold with paper?  That is the beginning of the idea of learning about Origami.  It is a fun and simple way to keep a child motivated, while inspiring them to be creative.  It also encourages motor skill and early brain development. The word origami is derived from two Japanese characters, "Oru", meaning fold, and "Gami", meaning paper. This paper folding art form originated from China, known as "Zhezhi", and focused mainly in folding paper boats and hats.  Japanese Origami often involves folding flower, and animals. 

As creativity progressed, we found ourselves coming across folded art used in our daily lives, such as Origami lamp shades, art decoration, and so forth.

How to multi-use the Origami:

Origami is not limited to just using paper, but you can use fabric, ribbon, mesh, to form beautiful embellishments, or incorporate it into unique pieces of jewelry to wear or as a gift. Origami could be used as a decoration on a gift box, put together as a collage wall decor, head piece, shoe pin, boxes,anything that you can think of.

It is a common practice for store attendants to use origami techniques in their gift wrapping for customers.  That is a first impression to impress!

Since summer is quite warm in Dallas, I thought it will be nice to get a bunch of us Creative Girlfriends and have a theme party indoor at a Sushi place with some origami fun!

Sushi munchies, cocktails, and origami = Pretty Happy Summer!


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