Farm to Table

Sometimes I wonder if we can still get pure and wholesome food without worrying about the additives, preservatives, and unwelcome chemicals,  not to mention the hidden processed kind.  We really can't be too careful and rule out 100% of the good food our world have to offer but we can be selective without compromising taste and quality.  During the summer, I decided to venture to the McKinney farmer market in Dallas, Texas.  In order to do that, an early start on the weekend is a must as most of the farmer and vendors showcase their fresh and fine produce as early as 7:00 a.m. If you are late, a lot of the good produce are already sold.  

Most of the vendors travel at least an hour or more to tend their booths at the McKinney market during the weekend.  I like the real taste of the tomatoes, blueberries, various vegetables and special bakes, chili sauce, and delicious candies and peanut brittle unique to Texas.  There are even tea leaves of different selection for making that one cup of fragrant tea with.  The array of good eats are all over including freshly made taco and farm grown herbs.  I also met up with friends at one of the popular go to restaurants in Greenville, Dallas, that serve organic and farm to table dishes.  HG Sply. & Co. is the name.  Unique right?  Well, the ambiance is excellent full of energy and it was really enjoyable to taste wholesome food with a rebellious pint or two of beer from local brewery.


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