Hi Yummy Asian Food!

This is one of my favourite places to visit with friends. The BellyQ in Chicago do Asian BBQ with packed load of flavours.  I recommend getting at least ten friends together in order to get a variety of dishes to try.  Their tea smoked duck breast which is originated from the Sichuan province of China is awesome! 

I used to have this dish in Hong Kong all the time.  You really have to know what you are doing in order to get the best result.  For the adventurous ones, you can give it a go with the recipe from foodnetwork.


The baby back pork ribs are succulent and crispy.  All the best to pair it with a chardonnay or even chilled sake.  Check out BellyQ's menu :  http://www.bellyqchicago.com/menus

Talking about Hong Kong, you want to check out the local eateries!  It is difficult to isolate any one place as the best since there is good food all around you!  

Hong Kong people likes to know what they are eating literally.  Salted and braised chicken hung on display, dripping with chicken oil and ready to be served with a bowl of hot white rice and fresh veggies!

Complete a lovely evening with good friends and some fresh strawberry chocolate or lychee daiquiries! 

Awesome ^^


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