Butterfly in Winter

At our recent workshop, we painted an acrylic artwork with the theme:  Butterfly in Winter.  The image of a fragile butterfly amidst winter conjured mixed feelings of appreciation and concern for the butterfly.  The lightness of the butterfly being drawn to the newly bloomed cherry blossom makes a sensitive artwork.  Is it true that in nature this image can be spotted?

There are relatively very few butterfly species that migrate and can survive the cold winter months.  There are indeed a minority of tough and inquisitive butterflies during the late winter, where the cherry blossoms bloom.  It is startling to spot a mourning cloak, comma, or tortoiseshell flying over snowdrifts.

Can we relate to this in the human world?  Facing hardship full on everyday?  Taking risk despite the fact that it could be non-rewarding?  Fulfilling our dreams and conquering winter?  One way or another, we can relate to this idea.

Bravo to my lovely butterfly, you found this newly bloomed cherry blossom and happiness is achieved. Watch out for the blobs of snowflakes!!!!


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